photographs by jordan hefler

 In both Italy and France, there is a sense of timelessness in each and every day. Unlike Americans in American cities, nobody seems to ever be in a rush, and there is zero urgency to get anywhere or to accomplish anything.

Going to these new places was kind of like being born again. My stay in Europe was only a little over a month, but I learned more about myself in that amount of time than I had in my entire life. I have always believed that people in your life are transient: Some are meant to stay and others will come and go. The many hellos and goodbyes I encountered can only be compared to a whirlwind, giving me more of a reason to use photography as a stationary activity to document and organize my thoughts.

Arrivederci, Bonjour is a series of photographs that share my experience as an American neophyte in two European countries very unknown to me. The photos serve as a record of my living and as a tangible outlet to express my epiphany of patience first hand. The scenes are presented in monochrome to provide a sense of timelessness and clarity, in hopes that you too can appreciate the simplicity of beauty in life around you. It is said that patience is a virtue: I hope these photographs inspire you to go seek that virtue out in your world.