Do What You Want Workshops, Coming Soon!


I feel like I'm CONSTANTLY getting messages online with questions about how I'm taking photos on my phone, what filters I'm using, what apps I recommend, how I came upon my personal style, and more. I didn't realize that the things that I have been doing all this time weren't common knowledge. After talking about this for about a year, I am STOKED to be working on some workshops for y'all to be released in coming months!

I am all about doing what you want, and I want to be able to show you how you can do the same- and make a creative career out of it.

In the Do What You Want Workshops, we will go over:

  • Staging photos to create content
  • Taking/Editing photos on your phone
  • Branding yourself and your business online

P.S. You'll get a free branding worksheet when you sign up for the list!