In addition to running my own business, Jordan Hefler Photography LLC., I have had the pleasure of working with other brands to build their social media presence via graphic design and creative direction.

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Other moving graphics designed to enhance social media engagement

These graphics were designed to give Manship Theatre followers something more refreshing in their newsfeed to break up the flow of static imagery.

Manship Theatre Instagram Page Growth

The amount of organic follows received during my employment at Manship Theatre

Manship Theatre Facebook page growth

The amount of organic likes received during my employment at Manship Theatre


Average Tweet impressions per month: 22,162

Average Twitter profile visits per month: 502

Average new Twitter page followers per month: 66

Average new Facebook page likes per month: 151

Average new Instagram follows per month: 87

Average Instagram posts per month: 26

@jordanhefler on instagram

Being a freelance photographer, I have seen Instagram to be the most lucrative marketing tool for my business. Since my personal page is also my business page, it can be difficult to balance what gets posted and how the tone of voice reads in the caption. I also book creative jobs all over the spectrum, so remaining cohesive when it comes to deciding what to share has also been a challenge.

I have narrowed down a posting schedule of 1-4 times a day, determined by my personal schedule as well as the recommended posting times that analytics suggest community engagement is most high for me.

Content that gets posted on @jordanhefler is chosen based on a mix of general aesthetic coloring, current events in my life, #JordanHeflerPhotography projects, personal inspiration, and cross promotion strategy.

I have booked multiple jobs off of my activity on Instagram, which proves that brands need a strong social media presence to compete in today's ever changing business climate.

@jordanhefler Instagram Page Growth

Average monthly follower growth based on 4 consecutive 3 month periods since September of 2015

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